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Do you own or operate your own business?  And, if you do are you techno-savvy enough to create your own website?  Chances are, like most people you can put together a decent website.

But will it sell?

It’s no longer a 9 to 5 work world.  The internet and mobile technology has moved the work force from their Dilbert-like cubicles and released stay-at-home moms and dads from being tied to the house phone.  Grocery stores and fitness club now operate around the clock.

So, if you’re going to be successful, your business door needs to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This gives customers the opportunity to learn more about your products and services.  You’ll get business from folks in their pajamas who would never be motivated to get dressed and drive to your location.

That’s why you not only need a website.  You need a professional designed website.  Sure, free services are out there and some hosting companies provide do it yourself templates. But that’s exactly what they look like.  Do it yourself.

A custom website can be uniquely designed to fit your company and your company alone.

That’s why companies like Richmond-based 8 Leg Studio are making an impact in the business world.  8 Leg Studio is located in Richmond’s Fan District and provides professional website design.

8 Leg Studio offers offer custom website design & site redesign, web development, site maintenance, graphic design, e commerce shopping carts, blogs, social networking, and site hosting.

8 Leg Studio believes that a successful company will have a professional informative website as the first step of a marketing strategy.  Newspaper ads and radio spots can be effective, but they don’t always hit the target.  And, by nature, they’re not designed to provide additional information.

8 Leg Studio specializes in working with small businesses and organizations both in Richmond and globally.  Their professional staff helps to create beautiful custom designed websites that represent a business or organization’s vision and appeal to their clientele.

The professionals at 8 Leg Studio know that if you’re competition has a website and you don’t, you’re already behind in the game and likely in sales as well.  Most customers shopping around will check out a company website.  If your presence is minimal or insufficient, your competitor might just be stealing that business away.

8 Leg Studio will sit down with you to learn your business and organization.  They make it their goal to understand you the client and to give you the best presentation for your company.  They’ll ask you what you like about your company and your current website.  Then they’ll have you take a look at your competitor’s website.  Average turnaround time for the completion of a custom website is two to three weeks.

While 8 Leg Studio can design your website and then turn the management over to you, they recommend you purchase a maintenance contract with them.  That way what may seem to be a simple change shut down your site.

If you’re a casual blogger or a hobbyist you might be able to do all the work you need on a website.  If not, you should check out a company like 8:Leg Studio.

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