American Family Fitness: How Fit Do You Want to Be?

Ever find yourself unable to sleep and feel the need to burn off those extra calories at 3:00 a.m.? Or maybe you work the day shift and just don’t have time to get to the gym in the daylight hours. Richmond based American Family Fitness has six locations in the greater Richmond area that are open 24 hours a day providing around the clock opportunities to get in and stay in shape.

Whether you are seeking to shed those extra pounds before your wedding or your next class reunion or whether you simply wish to maintain that six pack of abs you worked so hard to tone, American Family has programs to fit your needs.

American Family’s website ( lists the following services and amenities:

• Dozens of state-of-the art cardiovascular machines at each location
• Free Weights, Mechanical Weights and Circuit Training
• Dozens of Group-X & Mind/Body classes each week
• Aquatics
• Court Sports
• KidZone child center & specialized youth programs
• AmFam-U – a free 8 week course that teaches the fundamentals of a successful exercise program

Personal trainers are available to help you set up and to guide you through the best workout routine for your fitness needs. Sports supplements, protein shakes, energy drinks, energy bars, and smoothies are available in the Café and Pro Shop.

If you can’t seem to coordinate your workout with child care, American Family has an option for that. The KidZone is available for children from 6 weeks to 13 years. On select Saturdays, children two and older can participate in Parents’ Night Out, giving parents the option of two-hours of care in the KidZone while the parents take in a movie or do a little shopping.

Locations in the Richmond area include Northside, Southside, West End and Swift Creek. Further out there’s Mechanicsville, Colonial Heights and Fredericksburg. The new Midlothian location at Woolridge Road and Midlothian Turnpike is scheduled to open in late spring 2010. Later this year, American Family has plans to open their newest location in the Historic Triangle in James City County.

Each October, American Family Fitness sponsors a 5K/10K Walk/Run to benefit Richmond Children’s Hospital. Thousands of area children benefit from the services at Children’s Hospital on an annual basis. Long-term and comprehensive care and therapeutic services meet the needs of children and families in crisis. Funds from the 2010 Walk/Run will go towards Children’s Hospital’s Recreation Therapy Program and Uncompensated Care. More details and registration information are available at

In addition American Family members support Meals on Wheels, Toys for Tots, Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs and more.

Walk into any American Family Fitness location on a weeknight and you’ll find dozens if not hundreds going through their paces on the treadmill, lifting the free weights, pedaling away in spinning class or simply relaxing in the hot tub or sauna. From pudgy beginners to sculptured gym rats, there’s a community in place working on the AMF motto of “Fit as You Want to Be.”

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