Bliley Funeral Homes: Providing Comfort and Services to the Grieving for over 135 Years

The funeral business remains the service that everyone needs, and yet no one wants. That is why it takes a particular quality of person to run such a business. Since 1874, the Joseph W. Bliley family has been doing just that for the Richmond Community.
Joseph W. Bliley, Sr., along with his two brothers, John and Frank, founded Bliley Funeral Homes in 1874 on the corner of Third and Marshall Streets. Some 135 years later, the company is still family owned and operated.
Today, Bliley’s has three locations in the Richmond area: Augusta Avenue, Hull Street and Staple’s Mill. These locations offer tasteful gathering rooms and common areas, as well as an array of audiovisual options for those who would like to add sound, music or video tributes to a service.
It seems that no matter how one has planned or prepared for the death of a relative or close friend, there are always questions when the time comes. The Bliley family is available to help answer those questions, as well as to ask the ones a family member may not think of in a time of grief.
Bliley’s helps to answer those questions with their to-do list that covers everything from planning the service, to alerting the insurance company to filling out all the necessary paperwork.
And because the folks at Blileys know that death never comes at a convenient time, they are the only funeral home in the metro Richmond area to have a licensed funeral director on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they can help coordinate transportation should the loved one pass away out of state, or should the services an interment be out of state.
In addition to providing necessary services in a time of grief, Bliley’s stays active in the community through sponsoring and participating in the Italian Street Festival, the Richmond YWCA’s “Remember My Name” memorial service, the Richmond Nativity Pageant, and the Interment of the Angels.
One thing that kept the Bliley name in the forefront for many years was the election of Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. to the House of Representatives in 1980. Tom Bliley had served as President of the company as well as Mayor of Richmond when he was elected to Congress. In 1995, when the Republican Party gained majority control of the Congress, Bliley was elected Chairman of the House Commerce Committee. He held that position for six years until he retired from Congress in 2001.
If you don’t want to leave your arrangements for someone else to plan, Bliley’s offers pre-planning as well as pre-payment options. They recommend that you review your plans every few years to make sure that your wishes remain the same.
It takes a unique type of individual to be involved in the funeral planning business. For the Bliley’s that’s the type of family they are. Continuing in a tradition begun not long after the Civil War, the family takes pride in the business and remains committed to offering comfort and ease of transitions for those saying farewell to a loved one.

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