Bring Your Home Up To Date with Fireplace Remodeling

Bring Your Home Up To Date with Fireplace Remodeling From Agee Woodworks

There are few interior eyepieces that show the true age of a home more precisely than the fireplace. In the past, fireplaces were constructed with functionality in mind, not aesthetics. In the days when fireplaces were incorporated into a house to work as central or supplemental source of heat, many fireplaces were expected to be stained eyesores that served their purpose when needed, and that were ignored when not in use. Today’s fireplaces however are both functional and beautiful, making the fireplaces of yesterday difficult to ignore. Now through fireplace remodeling, the fireplaces of yesteryear can breathe new life into a room and complement any room decor.

Remodeling a fireplace is more than a simple nip/tuck that conceals a fireplace’s drabness, it is the use of a fireplace’s current structure as the foundation for its new look. Cost-wise, fireplace remodeling is less expensive than a complete fireplace removal and done properly, a remodel can change the attitude of an entire room, readjust the room’s focal point, and add subtle warmth to an otherwise drab environment.

Finding Your Fireplace Design

The first step of a fireplace remodeling project is to determine the target look for the entire room. Is the look going to be contemporary, modern, traditional, retro or one of the other 100 styles to choose from? A great place to start looking for the style of your fireplace is in magazines on new home construction, home remodeling, and home decorating that show overall room layouts with the fireplace as an accent piece that complements the other décor. Take notice of the colors, styles, and feel of the fireplaces that attract you, while keeping in mind the mantle, trim, and finishes that support the overall look.
Get the Information You Need

Professional remodelers, home improvement stores, and experts on the subject of fireplaces are a great resource when it comes to choosing the right materials for the job. Pick their brains asking questions on the types of materials to use, how to make proper measurements, the design options that are available and any other points that you require clarification on.

Do-It-Yourself vs. Finding the Right Professional

Depending on your abilities and tools, you may choose to complete the fireplace remodeling project on your own. Keep in mind that fireplace remodeling typically entails brick cutting, precise measurements, leveling, mortar laying, aligning and cementing. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks, it may be more cost effective time-wise and money-wise to simply hire a professional.

Painting To Add the Finishing Touch

One additional touch to your project is to add a coat of heat-resistant paint to the mantle, molding, and decorative trim of your fireplace. Painting is fairly inexpensive in both time and material, and this small touch will ensure that the fireplace complements the room that surrounds it.

The bulk of the time spent on fireplace remodeling should consist of proper planning and research in finding the right design for your layout; the materials selected should enforce your plan from start to finish; and the implementation should be done by someone capable of making the vision of your fireplace a reality. In the end, your mantle should reflect today’s style with an incorporation of the inherent history which makes it truly unique.

About the Author
Carol Agee is the Vice President of Agee Woodworks Inc. in Richmond Virginia, which has been handcrafting wood fireplace mantels of impeccable style and quality for the last 12 years. From its beginning in the Agee’s basement in 1996, Agee Woodworks has specialized in building custom fireplace mantels to their customers’ specifications – they can even replicate a mantel design from a photograph. Known for their customer service, Agee Woodworks is dedicated to working with customers to understand their specific needs and measurements. Agee Woodworks Inc. can be found on the Internet at:

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