Dominion Harvest delivers the freshness of summer

In the summer time there’s almost nothing better than fresh produce from the garden.  But what do you do if you don’t have a garden?  Often what you find in the grocery store isn’t the best quality or the best variety.  And you can’t be certain of the growing methods or pesticides and other chemicals used.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid says that you should get a minimum of two cups of vegetables each day.  They’re an important source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  This benefits help ward off chronic disease.  And, most vegetables are low in calories and fat.

So, how to buy fresh, healthy produce?

One way is to visit local farmer’s markets and shop for the produce you like.  But if time doesn’t always allow that, there’s Dominion Harvest.

With Dominion Harvest, you can have the finest in local farm produce delivered right to your door.

The owner and founder of Dominion Harvest is VCU graduate Howard Brown.  With a background in economic development, Howard spent three years in China.  There he bought his produce from local farmers outside his apartment.  He also became acquainted with a farmer from Zimbabwe with whom he discussed holistic management, sustainable farming and food distribution.

Back home in Richmond, Howard was inspired to begin Dominion Harvest based on the farming community and needs of the Richmond Metro area.

If you sign up for Dominion Harvest, every week or two, depending on your preference, you’ll receive a box of healthy, local produce delivered right to your front door.  And there’s no extended commitment.  You can stop or start at any time.  Visit the Dominion Harvest website to see if delivery is available in your area.

Boxes come in four basic sizes:

  • The Commonwealth Box offers 10-11 types of produce.
  • The Cardinal Box offers 7-8 types of produce, eggs and cheese.
  • The Governor’s Box offers 10-11, types of produce, eggs, cheese and bread.
  • The Jefferson Box is the premium box offering 10-11 types of produce, eggs, cheese, bread and meat.

Based on your preferences or dietary restrictions you can tell them what foods you can’t have or just don’t like.

The products from Dominion Harvest come from sustainable farms, most of which are within a 100-mile radius of Richmond.  They also track each item so that you can ask where a particular product came from.  Every box includes information regarding the source of the produce and the county where it was grown.  There’s never a question about where your food is coming from.

Many of the farms used by Dominion Harvest are certified organic, however some are simply too small to afford the certification process.  You’ll be told if anything delivered is not organic.

With the convenience of coming right to your door you wouldn’t be inclined to think that Dominion Harvest prices are competitive.  But they come without the large overhead and work forces of the local stores and delivering to large urban areas helps them be more efficient and affordable than you might think.

Delivery to your home will be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, but you’ll be told your designated delivery date.  You don’t to be home for the delivery.  Your items are delivered in an insulated reusable plastic container that is packed to allow your produce to stay fresh and safe outside for up to 10 hours.  Just leave your empty box outside on your next delivery date.

The Richmond climate doesn’t allow for year round growing, so Dominion Harvest delivers from the first week in May to the second week in December.  Every box you receive is guaranteed.

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