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No matter where you are in the development of your business, as a startup or an existing company you’re maintaining, it’s important to be able to keep your network and technology running at peak efficiency. That’s absolutely essential to your organization’s productivity.

Every day the news is full of security breaches and system failures. Failing to have your IT infrastructure properly maintained could lead to a loss of trade secrets or worse, the loss of crucial data. That means time and money, something no business owner can afford to lose.

The expert engineers at Entec know exactly what it takes to protect and secure your systems. They’re up to speed on new threats that arise every day. They’ll help keep you ahead of the curve by addressing issues before you’re even aware there is a concern.

When the engineers at Entec build your system from the ground up, or refurbish your existing system, they’ll offer you the latest in technological improvements. You’ll always be ahead of the game.

When you contract with Entec they’ll take you and your IT needs through their on-going four-step process. Over the years of serving customers Entec has developed this process to meet technology needs. This provides a cost-effective and productive approach that keeps your IT system up-to-date and in proper running fashion.

  • Evaluate – first Entec will work with you to learn all about your business and current process. Once they’ve gained that understanding, they’ll incorporate the appropriate technology to support and enhance those processes.
  • Advise – Before recommending a plan to meet your business technology needs, Entec will first take a look at the key areas of security, availability, redundancy, and cost.
  • Deploy – Once the best plan is developed, the Entec engineers will build the best system for your business within the boundaries of your available budget.
  • Maintain and Protect – You don’t lose Entec once your new system is installed. Entec will monitor the effectiveness of the system, provide any necessary maintenance, and make sure your systems are secure and protected.

Sometimes in the business world things just don’t work right. You simply may not realize what the problem is, or even recognize that you do indeed have a problem in IT. But ultimately, the results will show. Entec will find any issues that appear to be hidden. Best of all, rather than just going for the quick fix, Entec will work to find the source, and the solution for the problem. They don’t want the problem returning any more than you do.

When you’ve got the best system for your business up and running, Entec will still be there to help keep you on top of your IT needs with the latest in technology. New technology emerges every day and with it are new solutions and new processes to help you save both time and money as you work more efficiently. Entec will make the recommendations that are best for your company.

Whether Entec is replacing your system entirely or updating your existing system you can depend on them for the IT services you need. Here are some of the things Entec can handle for your business.

  • IT Outsourcing
  • LifeSize Video Conferencing
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Email Security & Encryption
  • Enterprise Level Support
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Security Solutions
  • Server Virtualization
  • Mobility Solutions

You can trust the specialists at Entec to manage your IT needs. Entec builds, grows, protects, and maintains. Doing those things right for your business is there business.

Entec is located right here in Richmond,VA but provides computer services throughout the United States. To contact Entec, visit their website http://www.entecva.com or give them a call at 800-716-2544.

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