Fall is for planting at The Great Big Greenhouse

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to think about getting your lawn and garden ready for fall, and begin looking towards the spring. In the Richmond area, it’s the ideal time to plant things from cool-season vegetables, turf grasses and perennials as well as evergreen and deciduous trees.

The best time for planning is about six weeks before the first hard frost. That generally comes in mid-October. The heat of the summer is gone, and it’s comfortable to get back out doors, make and assessment, and do some planting.

In many cases, fall is actually a better planting time than in the spring. The soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth. These roots will continue to grow through the winter until the ground freezes. In some cases with our milder winters the roots will continue to grow through the season. Plants put in the ground in spring get a slower start waiting for the soil to warm up. But plants put in the ground in fall become well established and are better able to deal with the heat and drought of the summer months. Combine that with dependable rainfall, fewer pests and cooler weather and fall is the ideal time to plant.

Whether you want to aerate and seed your lawn, add some plants and shrubs or just get a few festive mums for the front porch, The Great Big Greenhouse has everything you need.

The Great Big Greenhouse has been in Richmond for 34 years. It began as a family business on three acres in South Richmond. In 2001 they moved to Huguenot Village Shopping Center, just 5 miles west of our original site. The company grew and flourished until the owners sold to Meadow Farms Nursery in 2010. With a similar tradition and service, Meadow Farms Nursery is owned and operated by Farmer and Betty Meadows, with their son Jay now directing the business. Meadow Farms Nursery has been in business for more than 50 years. Acquiring The Great Big Greenhouse was the perfect way to move into the Richmond market. They now operate together The Great Big Greenhouse and Meadow Farms Nurseries.

With the Meadows family taking over, they’ve installed a new state-of-the-art irrigation system and they’re receiving fresh stock daily. You’ll find the best value in trees, shrubs, perennials, tropical plants, annuals, garden gifts and more.

You can shop for tropical plants from 3” pots to 15 ft. tall. If you need indoor flowering or foliage plants for you home and office or exotic blooms for your summer patio, you can find it at The Great Big Greenhouse. They have a great selection of bonsai, orchids, cacti and other unusual species. Gift baskets are available for that special occasion.

Some of the finest shrubs and trees are available from the three and a half acre nursery at The Great Big Greenhouse. And with Meadow Farms Nurseries, the selection is even greater. There is an extensive collection of conifers, Japanese maples, hydrangeas, daylilies and hostas. But don’t stop there. Choose plants for sun or shade. Choose plants for fragrance or to attract butterflies.

The staff at The Great Big Greenhouse provides you with knowledgeable advice from seasoned experts. Virginia certified horticulturalists will help you make the right decisions.

It’s not just about plants. You can find tools, fertilizers, soils and mulches, pond supplies and more. Finish that off with garden ornaments, statuary and fountains, bird feeders, wind chimes and flags.
As a gardener, you’re already aware of the need to take care of the environment. You can take your empty nursery pots back and The Great Big Greenhouse will make sure they are reused or recycled. Not only are you saving resources, you’ll spend less time and money taking pots to the land fill.
The weather is getting cooler, and winter approaches. Stop by The Great Big Greenhouse now for fresh perennials, fall vegetables and mums.

The Great Big Greenhouse
2051 Huguenot Road
Richmond, Virginia 23235

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