Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose an Attorney For Your Trucking Case

If you’ve been involved in a serious trucking accident, you may need legal representation. But how do you choose the best lawyer for you? Modern advertising is everywhere we look, screaming for attention, but your choice is too important to your future to rely on what a billboard or television commercial has to say. Instead, you should do research into four basic criteria that can help you find the absolute best representation.

Experience – Nothing prepares and arms a lawyer better than years, or even decades, spent navigating the legal system. A truly experienced attorney will have seen just about everything, and be more than ready for any complication or difficulty that may arise in your case. Be sure you don’t mistake years practicing for litigation experience, you want a lawyer that regularly takes cases to trial and isn’t afraid to mix it up in the courtroom.

Reputation – Much like any other field, the lawyers know who among them is best at what they do. Commendations and awards that are bestowed by the rest of the legal community are an excellent indicator of quality. As their regular opponents, insurance companies also have an extensive knowledge of the legal community. They know which lawyers they are willing to face in a courtroom, and which they want to settle with.

Focus – Any attorney representing you for your truck accident is a personal injury attorney, but there exists a wide range of degrees of specialization. Some lawyers count personal injury as just a part of a larger practice, while others devote their careers exclusively to the handling or personal injury cases. If at all possible you should seek a lawyer who has devoted themselves to personal injury law.

Resources – Your attorney plays a huge part in getting you the compensation you deserve, but ideally they will be just part of a much larger legal team working on your behalf. The best attorneys employ their own investigators and seek the very best experts to build you the strongest case possible.

Your decision is even more important in a tractor trailer case, because motor carriers are governed by special laws. As carriers of interstate commerce, they are regulated by the federal government.[1] It takes special training and years of experience to truly understand the complex laws and regulations regarding trucking accidents.

The size and power of the trucks themselves also complicates tractor trailer accidents. Massive blind spots, lack of maneuverability, and large stopping distances all contribute to the danger and unpredictability surrounding large trucks. A skilled attorney recognizes the unique characteristics of these vehicles and incorporates these facts into developing your case.

Choosing an attorney can be a daunting task, but you can manage by concentrating on the same qualities you would look for in any professional you might hire: experience, reputation, focus, and resources. Keep these criteria in mind and the perfect lawyer for you can be found.

About the Author: Chris Guedri, a 30 year veteran of the Richmond legal system, has enormous experience handling trucking and tractor trailer cases, including those involving traumatic brain injury (TBI) or wrongful death. His fellow lawyers have chosen Chris to be listed in the publication Best Lawyers in America for more than 15 straight years. In 2008 they inducted him into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers based on his excellent skills and reputation. Virginia Business Magazine considers him among the “Legal Elite Best Lawyers in Virginia”

[1] Click here for a full list of regulations

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