How To Choose A Richmond Va DSL Provider

How To Choose A Richmond Va DSL Provider

Choosing a company to provide DSL internet access for your home is a decision that can have a long-term impact. After all, once you subscribe to the service, agree to the contract (if there is one), and have the connection activated, changing companies can be high maintenance. It’s worth doing a little homework in advance.

There are several features that you should consider when you choose your DSL provider. Today’s article will guide you through the four most important factors.

#1 – Connection Speed

The connection speed of your digital subscriber line will depend largely upon how far you live from the switch used by your phone company. The switch is normally located at their main office. Before subscribing to the service, ask providers about the location of their switch. That way, you’ll have an idea regarding its distance from your home and the resulting connection rate.

#2 – Monthly Price

Obviously, you’ll want the lowest price possible. However, you should consider each DSL vendor’s monthly rate in the context of the distance of their switch. Saving a few dollars each month by using a distant company may not be worthwhile if doing so severely hampers your connection speed. Ask about price, of course. But, don’t use a low rate as the only barometer for choosing a provider.

#3 – Service Reliability

Unreliable internet access can be frustrating. Make sure the company you’re considering maintains the necessary architecture to provide reliable access. Before subscribing, look for reviews online to see what other customers are saying about that particular company. Keep the reviews in context, of course. A lot of people experience a short outage with their DSL vendor and become irate. The fact is, 100% reliability is nearly impossible.

#4 – Other Services

Initially, you may only want a digital subscriber line for internet access. However, most companies can provide other services that you’re probably already using. For example, they can offer phone service, including long-distance calling. Some companies are also set up to provide their customers with SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line), a connection that offers the same upload and download rates. When you’re calling providers, ask them about the other products they sell.

More people than ever are enjoying a high-speed internet connection. Within the next several years, it is likely that dial-up modems will become a relic of the past. As a growing number of websites continue to use the latest technology to deliver content, it will be increasingly important to have quick online access. When you’re ready to begin researching DSL providers, start your search using the four factors we’ve described above.
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