Weiland Upton: Legal Traffic Defense for DUI and Traffic Violations

No one wants to face traffic court.  More than that, no one wants to face traffic court alone.

The reality of a serious traffic violation or DUI/DWI charge is that it’s not just going to cost you money.  It will.  But it’s not just about the money.  Your livelihood, your freedom and your driving privileges could also be at risk.  To protect your rights, and your freedoms, you need legal help.

That’s where Weiland Upton comes in.  Weiland Upton PLC specializes in legal defense for traffic violations and DUI charges.  When they are your attorneys, you can be sure that they will take your case personally.  Your legal defense is never limited due to time and cost concerns.

If you face traffic violations, speeding tickets, DUI, reckless driving or drug possession charges, y.our initial consultation call with Weiland Upton PLC is free of charge.  They have experience in handling charges related to the possession of marijuana and the possession of alcohol by minors.  They work to have charges dropped or reduced, to minimize or eliminate fines or to keep you out of jail.  And they’ll work to keep your record clean and your insurance costs from going through the roof.

Thousands of satisfied clients know that Weiland Upton PLC can be counted on to walk them through the process of traffic court.  Their five member team of attorneys has over 50 years of combined experience and includes former prosecutors, a former judge advocate general, a former Virginia assistant attorney general and former criminal strike force member.

Weiland Upton PLC’s practice areas include:

DUI/DWI/drunk driving defense:  Over a thousand people have been helped with the minimization of drunk driving charges.

Reckless driving: Weiland Upton PLC can help achieve full dismissal or reductions of charges.

Speeding:  Their experience attorneys can compel the state to produce evidence regarding speed measuring equipment and can investigate police error.

Driving with a suspended license/driving without a license:  Serious charges such as this can lead to fines, an extensive suspension of your driving privilege or even jail time.  Weiland Upton PLChas experience with getting these reduced.

Possession of marijuana and underage possession of alcohol:  They’ll provide a skilled defense on your behalf and work to mitigate penalties in the even you are convicted.  In substance abuse or alcohol charges they can also argue for community service instead of greater penalties.

Hit and run/eluding:  While the severity of charges are obviously greater if someone is injured, they often depend on the value of the damaged of the property. Weiland Upton PLC can work toward the dismissal or reduction of your charges.

Moving violations/points:  If you’re out of state, Weiland Upton PLC can work to fight your charges and to clear your record.  Often without a need for you to return to Virginia.

Commercial drivers:  One of the greatest fears for a commercial driver is the suspension of a license.  Weiland Upton PLC can work with drivers of 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and other big rigs to help protect your license and your livelihood.

With Weiland Upton PLC you’ll get an attorney within a well-established practice that consistently provides quality legal services.    The firm has received an AV® rating* in Martindale-Hubbell’s peer-review ratings system which is the highest rating one can receive.

Weiland Upton PLC has also been recognized as one of Virginia’s Super Lawyers and one of Virginia’s Legal Elite.

In the event the worst happens and you do receive a conviction, Weiland Upton PLC offers full post-conviction legal help.  They’ll help you to understand your obligations as well as your restrictions as they pertain to driving limitations.  They’ll work with you to help you regain full driving privileges as soon as possible.

Weiland Upton PLC is conveniently located in Richmond’s Fan District.  Call them locally at 804-335-0836, or reach them at their website.

The qualified and experienced traffic attorneys in our firm regularly represent clients in courts throughout the Metro Richmond area.  These courts are:

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