Lift Caregiving Provides Information for Caregivers About Potential Stipends


As reported in the Times Dispatch earlier this month, Katie Gilstrap, cofounder of Lift Caregiving here in Richmond, describes the potential of a stipend for the more than 70 million people who provide unpaid care for a friend or family member. Many of these people spend significant time providing the needed care, so much so that it impacts their personal and professional responsibilities.

Katie describes the ways you may be eligible:

  • If the parent, spouse, or other person you’re caring for is eligible for Medicaid, its Cash and Counseling program, can provide direct payments that could go to you.
  • If the person you’re caring for has long-term care insurance that includes in-home care coverage, in some cases those benefits can be used to pay you.

Please visit their post about getting paid to be a caregiver for more information and a sample contract.


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