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Machines are wonderful things, as are the people who build and run them. But if your industry relies on those machines to function properly and efficiently, then alignment and calibrations are essential. To keep your business in business, VibrAlign provides easy to use shaft alignment systems and vibration solutions.

VibrAlign offers shaft alignment tools, alignment training and customer service to meet your needs. You can get the tools and training to perform your own alignment work, or bring in the experienced service professionals.

Founded in 1983 VibrAlign takes pride in their superior service. Some of the things VibrAlign sells include highly accurate and easy-to-use shaft alignment tools, including the Shaft Hog, the Fixturlaser GO series, and the Fixturlaser XA series. VibrAlign also sells the Belt Hog sheave alignment tool.

Your business needs the machines you use to function properly and accurately or you can risk losing valuable time and perhaps valuable customers. The machine alignment that VibrAlign offers everything you need in machine alignment whether it’s for horizontally mounted machines, vertically mounted machines or tool alignment. VibrAlign can help keep the machines running your pumps, fans, gearboxes, blenders, and transportation systems in fine working order.

Poor belt alignment can mean belt misalignment. Correct alignment and belt tension are important in terms of efficiency and time between repairs.

VibrAlign knows that the benefits of proper belt pulley alignment include; increased lifetime of belts, seats and couplings, reduction of vibrations and noise, minimized downtime, extended operating time and savings on energy costs.

VibrAlign wants to improve your alignment efficiency and reduce the actual human workload. Every piece of the process must be perfect in alignment. Fixturlaser’s world-class technology combined with VibrAlign’s customer service and alignment expertise makes them the people you want to go to for your machinery alignment.

XA Ultimate by Fixturlaser

If you’d prefer to align your own machinery, VibrAlign can provide all the training you need. Their training program was developed with the goal of making you a great aligner. You’ll be taught by a team of dedicated trainers who are also experienced aligners. They know what they’re talking about. But your training will not just be in a classroom setting. You’ll get actual hands on experience performing alignments on the machines you’ll be working with in your own industry.

In the training program, you’ll learn the Verti-ZontalTM Compound Mode, an alignment process developed by David Zdrojewski, the founder of VibrAlign. And you’ll be in a classroom setting of no more than nine students so you’ll get that individualized instruction and hands on experience you need. If you get back to your place of business and still need some guidance, you’ll have free ongoing telephone support.

VibrAlign is based at 530G Southlake Boulevard just off Midlothian Turnpike. Give them a call at 804-394-3279 or check out the company website. If you’re not in Richmond check out their list of field representatives for the VibrAlign professional closest to you.

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