Making Good Neighbors In the Greater Richmond Area

There is an old saying that says “Good fences make good neighbors.”  Maybe what you need is a privacy fence, or a fence to provide a safe area for your children to play. Maybe you need a fence to keep your dog in, or perhaps a fence to keep your neighbors’ dog out.  An attractive, quality fence around your property can be a good investment that will add value to your home for years to come.

If you are in the Richmond area and need someone to help you with that fence, Fence Me In, LLC provides custom fence design and installation.

You have invested a lot in your property.  The perfect fence may be just what you need to protect that investment and to provide the privacy you need and deserve.  Fence Me In says that they’re here to provide you with that place of solace and tranquility.

Fence Me In is a wood fencing and enclosure specialist that can help you create a fence that is not only an extension of your home, but one that complements your own personal style. Check out there Fence Styles.

Fence Me In owner Kent Poulos started his company in 2009.  He built the business from scratch with a desire to build quality fences and provide excellent customer service.  Already an accomplished carpenter he wanted to be an entrepreneur and make his own way with his own business.

Poulos says that his company is unique because “we believe that as long as we have happy customers the company will flourish for years to come. “  He also says that “We’ve been over backwards to satisfy the most discerning customers.”

Fence Me In serves the greater Richmond area, including the City and the surrounding counties of Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Goochland and Powhatan as well as the City of Colonial Heights.  They provide structures made out of wood, vinyl, chain link and aluminum to meet your needs.

Like many other businesses, Fence Me In recognizes that the current economy means that people are reluctant to spend.  Is a fence a luxury that can be put off until times are better?  Does the current fence meet the needs even if it’s not the most attractive structure.

Poulos notes that the U.S. savings rate is at an all-time high because people are in fear of losing their jobs.  The savings rate was at .5% in 2004 when the economy was better.  Now the rate is nearing 6%.

Poulous says a lot of homes can use a good fence.  But the customer needs to feel  more comfortable in making that investment in the face of economic uncertainty.  When faced with the possibility of losing a job

Recognizing that the economics of home improvement take a lot of consideration and planning, Fence Me In works to keep prices low by purchasing lumber in bulk.  The installers at Fence Me in are seasoned professionals who can work with all types of fencing materials and can meet the challenges of your particular yard or property. Visit there website at

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