Medicare Insurance Brokers Helps Seniors Sort Through the Red Tape of Health Care

Getting older is difficult enough without the added fears of what this political party or that political party is doing or not doing to your health insurance. For millions of Medicare recipients, the whole process can be frustrating and confusing. That’s where a group like Medicare Insurance Brokers comes in. Medicare Insurance Brokers can search through hundreds of options for mature adults and help them find the coverage that is right for their needs, and for their budget.

Long-time Medicare insurance specialist, Robert Gerczak along with his agent son, Gary Gerczak founded to provide an “open door” for anyone seeking to learn more about senior health and life insurance products. Together, the Gerczaks have assembled a vast network of experienced, licensed and certified agents across the nation. In addition they represent the country’s leading health and life insurance companies.

Many seniors are often surprised to find that Original Medicare does not cover everything. Often senior adults are left having to cover the cost of copayments, coinsurance and deductibles out of an already limited income. A Medicare Supplement, or Medigap policy can help to pay some of those extra costs. These policies are available through private insurance companies.

In some cases, these policies will not only supplement Medicare, but they will offer coverage for services not covered under Medicare, including care when seniors travel outside the United States.

It’s good to know that if seniors have both Original Medicare and a Medigap policy, both plans will pay their share of Medicare-approved amounts on items that are covered.

Medicare Insurance Brokers will help senior adults find a plan that follows the required Federal and state laws that are designed to protect them. In addition, these policies must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” has already identified these plans, so seniors don’t have to go through the painstaking process of sorting this confusing information out on their own.

Regardless of the company, Medigap insurance policies are “standardized” and must offer the same basic coverage. In most states these are identified by the letters A through L. Typically, the only difference is cost.

In addition to Medigap plans, Medicare Advantage Plans are approved by Medicare and also offered by private insurers. They are sometimes referred to as “Part C” or “MA Plans.” In the case of these plans, Medicare will pay a monthly fixed cost to the company seniors select for their Medicare Advantage Plan. Again, like the Medigap policy, these companies follow a strict set of Medicare rules. In some cases these plans will provide Medicare drug coverage also. Medicare Advantage Plans are not consider the same as Medigap plans. Medicare Advantage plans may charge different copayments or out of pocket costs. In addition they may offer additional coverage for such services as hearing, dental, vision and other programs.

Medicare recipients are also eligible to join a prescription drug coverage plan (referred to as “Part D”). Again, this plan must be run by a private insurance company approved by Medicare.

Medicare Insurance Brokers are available to help seniors sort through all of these plans and options, giving older adults a sense of security with regard to their health care coverage.

On their website, offer a comprehensive insurance list of insurance information and quotes from the leading major health and life insurance carriers in the country. The list is specifically targeted to mature health and life insurance products. The information is free.

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