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Being a mother is a great job, but let’s face it, mothers are always busy. There’s always a child to feed, a scrape to kiss, a nose (or a behind) to wipe.  Then there’s the business of taking care of the house, feeding the family.  And in today’s economy, lots of moms have to work outside the home in addition to their already overly busy lives.  While there’s nothing more rewarding than the unconditional love your child can give, it’s not always easy to be super mom.


Whether it’s caring for children, working for the PTA, playing taxi driver for various practices and events, or just trying to keep the household together, moms need all the resources and help they can get.


That’s where Mom’s Treehouse comes in. Mom’s Treehouse is there to provide mothers with support, education and resources to manage and maintain healthy active lives of their own.  Mom’s Treehouse opened in Short Pump in December 2010 and is coming up on its first birthday as a resource for mothers.


Mom’s Treehouse also offers a full-range of fitness programs for mom and children as well as professional services for families.  Fitness classes at Mom’s Treehouse are for moms regardless of their current level of fitness or age of their children. The professionals at Mom’s Treehouse are certified in pre- and post-natal fitness. Mom’s Treehouse can help moms to get fit, lose weight, gain strength and be better prepared for the daily challenges.


Fitness classes are also offered for children from birth to pre-school and even school-age. Working together Mom’s Treehouse can help moms and their children develop healthy, active lifestyles.


There’s a great social benefit to Mom’s Treehouse. Mothers get to meet other Moms and form lasting friendships. After all, who better to understand what a Mom has to deal with than other Moms?  But the social benefits aren’t just for the moms, they’re for the kids as well.


Beyond fitness and the social benefits, Mom’s Treehouse offers other services such as doula and massage services, as well as nutrition and lactation consulting. The shop in the front lobby offers moms products and clothing items that are perfect for an active mom’s workout.


Founder and owner Rachel Pustinik, herself a mom of 2 young daughters, says that when her first daughter was just a few months old she founded Stroller Strides in Richmond. She began training moms for local running events and eventually created Mother Runner Training. She soon realized that regardless of the age of their children, all moms need support and encouragement, so she founded Mom’s Treehouse as a home for moms where they can learn how to raise a happy and healthy family while receiving the support they need.


Pustinik says “I realized that no matter what the age of her children, a mom continues to need support, encouragement, and a sense of community.  I realized I needed to create a ‘HOME’ for moms,a ‘HOUSE’ where they can learn how to raise a happy and healthy family all while receiving support and acknowledgement for thier dedication, and a ‘TREEHOUSE’ where moms are the center of attention.”


Membership in Mom’s Treehouse is $99 a month and includes:


–          Free and unlimited classes for Mom.  Classes include Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Zumba and Friday Booty Blast


–          Free and unlimited classes for the kids.  Classes include Kids and Family Yoga, Martial Arts Classes, Irish Dance, Eco-Art for Toddlers, Baby Signs Sign Language, Playgroups and much more.


–          Discounts on other programs which include Body Back, Mother Runner and more.


Mom’s Treehouse is located at 2292 John Rolfe Parkway in Richmond.  Call them at 888-232-2450 or visit their website.


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