Mondial Assistance Makes It Easier to Hit the Road, and the Skies

When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted spreading a cloud of ash over much of Europe, Richmond’s Mondial Assistance braced for the incoming phone calls.  Mondial Assistance is a global travel insurance and travel assistance company and the U.S. headquarters are located here.  Thousands of Mondial customers were affected by the travel delays and Mondial expects total claims could total millions of dollars.

“Not since 9/11 have we seen such widespread disruption of air travel,” Daniel Durazo, Mondial’s director of communications said to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Claims were processed on those policies purchased before April 15 when the news broke about the volcano.

Headquartered in Paris, Mondial Assistance has a significant U.S. presence at their Parham Road location.    Worldwide, the company has operations in twenty-eight countries and has a staff of more 10,000 people.   The company is party of Europe’s leading insurance company, the Allianz group.

Mondial traces the history of their company back to Switzerland in 1950 with the creation of ELVIA Travel Insurance.  Twenty-four years later in 1974, SACNAS-Mondial Assistance was founded in France.  In 2000 Elvia Travel Insurance and SACNAS-Mondial Assistance merged and, Mondial acquired World Access in the United States and in 2001 Worldcare in Australia.  In 2001, Mondial Assistance, France Secours, Elvia and SSC merged to become Mondial Assistance as it is known today.

Mondial Assistance is available to clients around the clock, every day of the year.  For travelers who have lost their luggage, stranded in a broken down vehicle or more, the company can offer some reassurance.  Mondial claims 250 million beneficiaries, roughly 4% of the world’s population.

In addition to travel insurance, the company also offers automotive services, health and life care, property and other services.  Details can be found at the company website.  Also at the website, Mondial offers detailed advice to travelers for planning a safe and health journey.

Mondial also seeks to give back to the community and to be socially responsible.  The company says “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about being a responsible corporate citizen in all aspects of our business, in all corners of the world. It’s about being inclusive, respectful, aware and dedicated to our employees, partners, stakeholders, environment, local communities and societies at large.”

For Earth Day, 2010 the company identified its “greenest” associates.  Through a company-wide survey, Mondial asked employees about their use of energy, recycling and support of eco-friendly business.  On April 23 Ricky Grubb, of Henrico, and Caroline Alexander, of Richmond were recognized at the Parham Road location for their commitment to the environment

Mondial Assistance is also an official partner of MASSIVEGOOD, a humanitarian aid project launched by the Millennium Foundation on September 23rd 2009 in New York during the United Nations General Assembly.

Jon Ansell, CEO Mondial Assistance USA and a Member of Mondial Assistance’s Executive Committee, says “Mondial Assistance is extremely proud to partner with MASSIVEGOOD and to bring a tangible contribution to such a universal cause. This partnership perfectly demonstrates the mission of Mondial Assistance and the involvement and willingness of our staff members to help people anywhere, anytime.”

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