Morgan Family Aqua-Tots, Richmond, VA

Do you have little ones that need to learn to swim? With Aqua-Tots you can start them safely in the water at six months. Why wait until they’ve learned to be afraid of water, when working through Aqua-Tots can start them in the water early and prepare them for a lifetime of swimming?

Richmond Aqua-Tots owner, Kerin Morgan, has been teaching Richmond area youth to swim for years, earning her the moniker “Super Nanny in water” or the “Swim Whisperer.” She has more than forty years of teaching and is a former competitive swimmer. At Morgan Swim School she developed a tried and true program of teaching children to swim that has made her respected in the industry and loved by families all over central Virginia. Kerin has certifications in First Aid, CPR, AEA, USSSA, Red Cross and YMCA.

Now as Morgan Family Aqua-Tots franchise, Richmond area families can still learn from the leader in swimming instruction. After all, swim lessons are an important part of growing up. At Aqua-Tots Swimming Schools your child will develop a life-long love of swimming, but at the same time learning the importance of water safety.

Aqua-Tots has taught thousands of children to swim since beginning in 1991. Combine with the experience Kerin Morgan brings from Morgan Swim School, Aqua-Tots has one of the region’s most experienced swim programs for children and adults. Aqua-Tots is a member of the United States Swim School Association.

The swim school motto at Aqua-Tots is “Safety First, Fun Every Second.”

Here are some of the things you can expect at Aqua-Tots:

Your child will never be a class with more than four children per swim instructor. That way each child is guaranteed the individual attention they need.

Before your child can advance to the next swim level (from levels 1-8), they must achieve and demonstrate 25-28 different skills. When they move to the next level, they get a certificate and ribbon.

If you don’t want the class environment, private and semi-private options are available in 30 minute increments. Swim instructors can shape the class to the needs and swimming skills of the student and work with them at their pace.

Swim clubs help your child learn and swim all four swimming strokes and prepare them for competition. But at Aqua-Tots this is done in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Students who have mastered the four swim strokes can move on to advanced competitive swim training. This works well for high school and colleges students and is a can be a great training opportunity for triathletes.

Children with special needs can take part in the Adaptive Aquatics program which provides water therapy and gives Aqua-Tots some of their great success stories. Through their Special Needs Aquatic Program (SNAP) Aqua-Tots wants to help improve the lives of special needs children.

Just because the school is now named Morgan Family Aqua-Tots, don’t let the name fool you. Classes are offered for adults as well in private, semi-private and group sessions.

Other services offered include: CPR and First Aid classes and indoor pool parties as well as other family activities.

What are folks saying at Morgan Family Aqua-Tots?

“…the perfect fit for my family! With three young children (twin 2.5 year old boys, and an 8 month old baby girl), we knew that we needed our boys to learn how to swim. All spring, I literally laid awake at night worrying about the summer and how I would manage three young children at our family’s pool and at our beach vacation house. The 8 day blitz was a wonderful program that specifically met each of my boys’ needs—I wish I had signed them up earlier!” ~ Shannon

“I highly recommend your program to my friends (who haven’t already done it). If you can teach MY son, who had a fear of drowning last summer, to swim, then anyone can learn!” ~ Robin

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

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