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You finally purchased the home of your dreams and you feel great driving up to it in the day time.  But at night, there are only shadows and perhaps a lone front porch light.  That means it’s time to call INARAY for your outdoor lighting needs.

Inaray Outdoor Ligthing House

While it may be easy enough to pick up a couple of floodlights from your local home improvement box store, your home is your most major investment.  Why not take the time and give it the consideration to light it properly for both beauty and safety?

Lighting for your home takes more than just placing random fixtures around the property.  Lighting design is an art, and you need help from professionals who know the principles of lighting design, including spatial placement, architectural and landscape elements to achieve your desired effect.

Leave your outdoor lighting to the experts.  INARAY will come in with their team of professionals and spend time with you to address your needs and wishes with regard to lighting your property.  They’ll review the project requirements as well as study the creative intent of the architect in the design of your home.  They use the latest in technology to put together for you a custom sustainable solution that addresses both the architecture and the environment of your property.

When you meet with the experts from INARAY, this is what you can expect.

  • An initial meeting to discuss design intent, budget, and conservation goals for your property.
  • An opportunity to review presentational materials that include conceptual drawings, images of previous property designs, computer modeling and site renderings.
  • You’ll get technical layouts, specifications, energy density and conservation analysis.  They’ll also look at the issue of light trespass so that your design won’t be a hindrance to your neighbors.
  • They’ll help you evaluate bits, supervision and the final installation of fixtures.
  • Once the project is done they’ll show up to inspect and evaluation to make sure that you’re happy with the results.

The professionals at INARAY aren’t just in the lighting business to make money.  Sure that’s part of it, but they really are passionate about lighting.  That passion shows in each unique lighting project they undertake.

INARAY takes a client-based approach.  You make the calls.  You tell them what you’re looking for.  Because of this they don’t show up at your doorstep with a box of lights that they try to convince you are right for their property.  Instead, after their consultation, they develop the concept for the lighting project.  Then they evaluate the architecture and landscape for opportunities to use lighting.  Then they work with you to make the final decisions on how and what you want to have illuminated.  The best part about their approach is that they work hard to capture your ideas rather than working hard to convince you of their ideas.

The company doesn’t go it alone.  They’ll work with landscape designers, architects, and architectural distributors to bring you the best lighting design for your home or your business.  Any system that is exposed to the elements will need routine maintenance to keep it in the best working order.  INARAY offers several service plants to help maintain your lighting design.  They’ll come check the bulbs, provide routine maintenance which will include things like checking fixture seals, gaskets and replacing the lamps.

They not only offer terrific outdoor lighting designs but they can also help light your home for the Holidays. They are experts in holiday lighting design which can help take away the stress of decorating the outside of your house. This is time of year to start decorating your home with Christmas lights so why not give Inaray a call.


INARAY recommends and uses the finest products in their lighting designs.  But not only that, they’ll work with you to develop a custom maintenance plan.

INARAY Design Group, inc. is based in Richmond and serves the Commonwealth and various clients abroad.  INARAY is a part of a legacy of family owned businesses.  Many of these have been operating in Richmond for more than four generations.

The company was founded in 2002 and quickly became the region’s first choice for residential clients in the greater Richmond area.

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