Shield Tae Kwon Do – Martial Arts Is A family Affair

The International Tae Kwon-Do Federation has set up a ranking system, which comprise of six color belts.

At Shield Tae Kwon Do in Richmond’s far West End, Martial Arts is a family affair.  Chief Instructor Bill Kelly both teaches and manages the program along with two of his sons and his wife, Cathy.  Kelly has been teaching in the Richmond area for the past 15 years.

Tae Kwon Do is the national sport of South Korea and can roughly be translated as “the way of the foot and fist.”  The sport uses both punching and kicking and focuses on self-defense, exercise and discipline.  Kelly’s method focuses on both the outward and inward discipline of the student.  Kelly says, “We want to build our students on the outside and the inside. Courtesy and integrity are as important as kicking and punching.”

Keeping it all in the family, two of Kelly’s three sons are 2nd Dan Black Belt Instructors.  The third is a deputy black belt.  Wife Cathy works in the office and currently holds a 7th Gup rank in Tae Kwon Do.

Shield Tae Kwon Do offers beginner, intermediate, advanced, Black Belt, Hapkido and weapons classes.  Shield is a member of the United States Chung Do Kwan Association and the World Hapkido Association.

Prospective students can call the office at 804-938-8948 to arrange a free introductory lesson.  Shield Tae Kwon Do is located at 12205-B Gayton Road in Richmond.  Additional information, schedules and testimonials can be found at the website:  You can also follow them on Facebook and You Tube.

Chief Instructor Kelly believes that Tae Kwon Do can help parents answer the question of how to help their children grow into individuals of character and integrity.  Kelly says, “My hope is that I might further the growth of my students as one informed by the experiences of a parent and a teacher, and in doing so renew my community here in Richmond, one student at a time.”

One Comment on “Shield Tae Kwon Do – Martial Arts Is A family Affair

  1. Eric Gehler says:

    Mr Bill Kelly is an excellent instructor. I have know him for years and worked with him at a different TKD location. I am glad Sensi Kelly had moved on and opened his own location.

    You can’t go wrong with Bill Kelly’s instruction in TKD, as well as his ability to teach, train and mold students in discipline, morality and behavior.

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