The Good Times Roll In with Ultimate Gaming Trailer

Looking for a unique party venue for birthday or gathering of friends? How about one that you don’t even have to travel to? It comes to you. That’s what you get with the Ultimate Gaming Trailer.

Planning an event can be time consuming and stressful. Why not let some party experts take care of the details for you. With the Ultimate Gaming Trailer, you just have to get your guests there to experience a one-of-a-kind interactive mobile gaming theater. And they’ll pull it up right to your driveway, parking lot or other location.

While part of a larger franchise based out of Pittsburgh, in the Richmond area the Ultimate Gaming Trailer is based in Chester.

Once they park the trailer, up to twenty game players can participate on four huge high definition screens. Sixteen to twenty players can fit comfortably inside at any time. Although, the set up only allows for sixteen actual players at any one time with up to four players on each screen.

Games are continually updated to have the latest and more popular games available. Game ratings are from E to M, and yes parents, you get to decide what is appropriate. There are multiplayer games for three major gaming systems: PlayStation®3, XBOX360®, and Nintendo Wii™. And Ultimate Gaming Trailer stocks multiple copies of each game so no one is disappointed by having to wait to play.

Prices vary depending on the length of the party, the location and sometimes the games selected. Pricing is well within the range of what you’d spend for other entertainment venues. But you’ll have a hard time finding another experience as unique as this one.

The trailer is about thirty feet long. In most cases, the trailer can be backed into your driveway. Or it can fit in the side of a company or church parking lot or an out of the way spot on the side of the road. If space is a concern you can always give Ultimate Gaming Trailer a call to talk over the details before you book.

The trailers are self-sufficient and run on their own generator. Plus they are custom designed and insulated so that the interior can have a comfortable regulated temperature regardless of the weather. The trailers come with central air and heating so that they’re perfect for hot or cold weather. When it’s warmer, however, your Ultimate Gaming Trailer host can raise the windows on the side for lighting and viewing the games.

For a children’s party, you’re welcome to stay inside. Adult supervision comes with the gaming theater rental. See Moms and Dads? It just keeps getting better. The trailed Game Instructor will be able to assist with game system loading and operation. There’s no dashing off to the mall or the coffee shop, at least one adult needs to be available on-site during the event. But you can be inside having coffee or checking email.

And no, the trailer isn’t equipped with a bathroom. So keep that in mind for you party guests.

For a child’s birthday party, consider having your guests arrive about fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled time with the gaming trailer. Then send them out for a couple of hours. Bring them in for cake and presents and have them picked up about thirty minutes later. It’s easy, it’s simple. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to clean your house up after entertaining sixteen or more kids for two hours.

The Ultimate Gaming Trailer is a unique, fun-filled experience. Check them out today on the company website at or in the Richmond area call 804-920-6422 or look up Ultimate Gaming Trailer/Chester on Facebook.

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