The Growers Exchange brings the gardening to your front door.

For over 25 years, The Growers Exchange has brought some of the best herb plants available to their customers.
They started out in an old Texaco station on a busy Carytown corner back in 1984, and for over 20 years they brought the best quality plants to their loyal following of gardeners. They continue to do that today, but by 2005, they had outgrown the local market. Facing the thought of rising prices and big box store competition, The Growers Exchange moved back to their 600 acre farm located on the James River in Charles City County. There, they opened up shop again. But this time they opened up on the Internet.

The transition of two green thumbs to your basic keyboard wasn’t easy for a business that had been a traditional gardening store for two decades. But, now after five years, the community feel is returning to The Growers Exchange. It’s just that this time, you can visit their web store and never have to leave the comfort of your home. Well, at least not until it’s time to plant.

But don’t let the technology fool you. The Growers Exchange still is that same small, family-run farm they started out to be. As more and more of us return to the art of gardening, whether it’s for economic reasons, care for the environment or the need to live a healthier lifestyle, The Grower’s Exchange offers you an authentic and honest approach to gardening helping to make it more accessible for all.

In 1987, they opened their nursery at their present location in Charles City County. What better place to be than on the historic James where our country was founded? In fact, their farm has been under continuous cultivation since the founding of Jamestown. The Growers Exchange felt the need to control the quality and diversity of the plants they offered so they grow many of their own. But they also purchase from some of the finest nurseries and greenhouses in the country.

The Growers Exchange specializes in culinary, medicinal and aromatic herb plants. Customer suggestions and requests allow them to add new selections each season. Calling their method a “greener way of growing” The Growers Exchange is committed to growing healthy plants through healthy practices. Their commitment to growing the best plants includes avoiding the use of harmful chemicals using natural soil amendments. All the plants are grown in recycled or recyclable plastic grower pots. And the packaging you receive is all recyclable as well.

Surrounded by the James River on three sides, The Growers Exchange is an active member of the James River Association and the Nature Conservancy of Virginia and they work to protect this most important river. Fifty acres of former crop land is dedicated to natural areas with a mix of wildflowers, herbs and prairie grasses. These filter the run-off into the James while providing a natural habitat for native wildlife.

The plants you receive when you order from The Growers Exchange will be of the finest quality. They’ll be carefully packaged and shipped to you so that you receive a healthy product. In the event something happens along the way and things don’t look right, just make sure you notify them within 48 hours of receiving your plants. But The Growers Exchange doesn’t leave you to care for your plants all alone. They’ll provide detailed instructions about the care and growing of your plants. You can also choose from custom herb garden kits and gifts that aren’t available elsewhere. You can also shop for gardening accessories and gifts and have them delivered along with your plants.

You’ve worked so hard to establish and maintain your garden.  Why not add the best quality plants available?  Visit The Growers Exchange online today.

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