Upgrade Your Travel With Covington

When you want to travel in style and comfort, Glen Allen based Covington Travel is there to help you with your planning needs.  Whether you are looking to book business travel, plan a meeting, or plan the perfect vacation or even a cruise, the professionals at Covington travel are there to improve your travel experience from the first step out your door until you place your head back on your own pillow at home.

Well, you may have to take care of getting to and from the airport, but Covington Travel can help you with the most reliable flights and the best meeting venue.  And, when you want to get away, Covington can help you plan the perfect vacation.

Covington has been upgrading your travel since 1967 when it began as a two person business. Josée Covington established the company in an era when airline and cruise tickets were handwritten.   It helps that she’s fluent in five languages and is herself a world-wide travel.  Her sons, Paul and Denny now help the agency to remain on top of the cutting edge of travel trends.

Today, Covington is in the top one percent of travel management companies located in the United States.  Founded with the goal of upgrading the travel experience, Covington continues to provide exceptional service.

What the Covington team knows is that whether it’s individual travel or a corporation the smallest details are important.  President and CEO Josée Covington says “Nothing is as important as the relationships we build with our clients, our suppliers, and our own colleagues. Not even the bottom line.”

With Covington you can upgrade the way you experience travel.  After all, just because you’re traveling for business, there’s no reason to be miserable.  Covington can make even business travel seem enjoyable.

What Covington understands about business travel is that it’s more than just getting the airline tickets.  After all, you can do that online.  But it takes professionals like those at Covington to be able to find the best deals, saving you time and money.

So maybe you not only need to travel for business, but you need to book facilities for a meeting was well.  Covington can help you create distinctive meetings and events.  Their experience with destinations and venues can save you lots of time that you might spend searching for just the right spot.  More than that, the professional planners at Covington take care of all the endless hours of planning and details, bringing you a meeting that is flawlessly executed.

Dreaming of vacations can be fun.  But sorting through websites and travel guides and brochures to find the best deals, reliable transportation and suitable accommodations can have you worn out before you even get to your destination.  Allow Covington to help make your vacation more enjoyable by allowing their travel advisors to handle the details.

In a society where news is 24-hours and people are tethered to their phones and computers, every minute that can be saved by allowing professionals like Covington to take care of your travel, meeting and vacation needs is time you can spend on that next project, meeting with a client, or best of all, relaxing with the family.

That’s what Covington Travel can do for you with their knowledge and expertise as well as their many connections around the globe.  They can create custom travel experiences and itineraries to meet your needs and preferences.  As a member of Virtuoso, Covington has the added benefit of being able to offer you perks and upgrades that are not available to the general public.  Because they deal with multiple clients, carriers and destinations on a day to day basis, Covington has access to deals and bargains that they’re more than happy to pass along to you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your travel experience, Covington Travel can do that for you.

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