Virginia Insurance Group: Helping People Feel More Secure for 35 Years

Insurance, it’s one of those things nobody wants to need. But we all do. But with so many options and so many plans, how do you select what’s best for you and your family? Virginia Insurance Group believes they have that answer.

Virginia Insurance Group has provided protection for families and individuals across the Commonwealth for over 35 years. They pride themselves on superior customer service and competitive rates. They know that often shopping for and purchasing insurance can be confusing.
Consumers find themselves asking:

  • – How much insurance do I really need?
    – What kind of insurance do I need?
    – What’s the best option? The best plan?

Whether you need insurance for your home, your vehicle, your boat, or life insurance for yourself or family, Virginia Insurance Group wants to help you answer those questions. They seek to help you maximize your financial investment in insurance and make sure you get the best protection for your dollar. In this economy, that’s something we all can use.

In making those decisions, you need an insurance company that you can trust. Someone that you know is looking out for your best interest and is not just seeking to sell you the most expensive policy that you probably don’t need anyway.

With Virginia Insurance Group you’re not bound to just one insurance company option. They represent a broad array of financially strong companies. And by working with Virginia Insurance Group you have the added benefit of special discounts and coverages that you might not get directly from a larger corporation. Among those companies represented are Erie Insurance, GMAC Insurance, Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance and Travelers Insurance.

Virginia Insurance Group is based in Richmond but serves customers from across the Commonwealth. By working through them you have the opportunity to maximize the available discounts offered by the companies listed above. Virginia Insurance Group is there to help you find the discounts and plans that match you individual situation.

One of the main benefits of working with an independent agent is that they are not limited to offering you auto or home insurance from just one company. They’re able to shop around, really so you don’t have to. That gives you the opportunity to get the best value.

Having an insurance broker who knows your name and your situation is an added benefit.

Karen M. says: “I like being able to call for help with my insurance and know the people I’m talking to.”

We’re all looking for a little more convenience these days and Virginia Insurance Group provides that through their website. You can surf around for testimonials and plans you need, and when you’re ready to talk, you can let them know.

Virginia Insurance Group provides an online Service Center to answer your questions about policies and claims. You can submit your queries and expect a prompt, no-obligation response.
Times are tough. The economy continues to struggle. No one wants to spend more for insurance than what is absolutely necessary.

Virginia Insurance Group can help you determine exactly what you need, and then provide you the best options for purchasing.

And that makes us all feel more secure.

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