Virginia Slate Company: Classic Elegance and Quality

Nearly 20 years ago Cassel Adamson Jr. purchased a quarry in Buckingham County when he saw an opportunity to provide locally quarried roofing slate from Virginia.  But endless federal regulations and fines coupled with the type of slate available in Buckingham, wouldn’t allow Adamson to provide the quality and quantity of slate that he desired.

Faced with these challenges, yet hesitant to give up on a Virginia product, Adamson was hesitant when his son Cassel Adamson III proposed importing natural slate.  But when he agreed he managed to build a company to provide a product that is based on quality, service, availability, and price.

That company today is The Virginia Slate Company.  By embracing the vision of importing slate, The Virginia Slate Company is unique with regard to the slate it provides.  The majority of slate companies in the United States are able to offer only one type of slate from their local quarry.  By contrast, Virginia Slate is one of a handful of U.S. companies to offer a full range of domestic and imported Slates from around the world.

Slate isn’t cheap, ranging from $400-500 per square.  Depending on the thickness, a square could be anywhere from 900 to 3300 lbs.  The total cost of installing a slate roof is based on the area to be covered as well as the type and thickness of the slate.

Why slate?  Virginia Slate offers these benefits of natural slate roofing:

  • Leed certified Green
  • Recyclable
  • Extremely durable and has a long life expectancy
  • Environmentally friendly, a natural product from the earth
  • Requires minimum repairs, ease in care and maintenance
  • High re-sale value/good salvage value
  • Excellent fire retardant
  • Insurance and loan advantages
  • The Natural beauty of the product
  • One of the few roofing products that have been tested by time.

It you’re considering slate, Virginia Slate has a 25,000 square foot facility that holds a variety of slate, granite and quartzite.  Colors include black, unfading gray, semi-weathering gray-green, mottled purple, unfading red and more.

Because of their relationship with providers and their delivery schedule, they can provide the product you need in less than 6 months.  That may seem like a long time to wait for product you need.  But this isn’t like going to the big box store and buying what’s on the shelf.    The sate you will be receiving has been hand-selected from top-producing quarries all over the world.

In addition, along with that quality and choice of selection, you’ll get a 100-year guarantee.  And because they know you won’t be shopping for a new roof in a few years, they want to make you a satisfied customer.  Thus, the commitment from Virginia Slate is to afford their clients with the very best slate for their individual roofing, flooring, or structural applications.

If you’re considering slate for a building or renovation project, the Virginia Slate website offers a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Or you might want to view their gallery or visit their facility.  Why not give them a call at 1-888-827-5283? Or even drop by Virginia Slate – 2471 Goodes Bridge Road, Richmond, VA 23224-2521   (804) 282-7929  ‎

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