We Think In Ink Prints and Replenishes

If you’re from the Greater Richmond Area, you will of course understand that the Town of Ashland is known as the Center of the Universe.  What greater location for a company such as We Think in Ink to have been located for over twenty years?

We Think in Ink offers printing and copying services to the businesses and government agencies in Ashland and in surrounding Hanover County.  The company is family-owned and operated.  They take a bit of pride in their energetic and happy employees.  At We Think in Ink, they love their business and their customers.

We Think In Ink has developed a loyal following of customers who will simply call, or email in their orders for more printed materials whether that be letterhead, brochures or more.  The customer will simply call and say “same as last time.”  You get to know and understand the quality of service and product a business provides when customers become repeat customers and then become loyal customers for years on end.  They know that within a matter of days We Think in Ink can have their order printed and delivered.

If you’re a new or returning customer with We Think in Ink, you can also order online from their website.  Specifications for print projects are right there so you can determine what you need and then request a free quote.  You don’t even have to visit downtown Ashland, you can do everything right from the website.

A printing company that has been in business for so many years also can bring a good deal of experience and knowledge about product design.  The most expensive print job in the world can be worthless if it’s poorly designed.  The folks at We Think in Ink have a long history of helping their clients create the perfect printed piece.  A page of samples is available on their website so that you can view their previous work.

Need a new logo for your business or community group?  We Think in Ink can design it for you.  They also provide layout and design services for your brochures.  You simply have to tell them what you want to say and how you would like it to look.  They’ll take it from there.

Forms, business cards, photos, greeting cards.  All of those needs can be met by the folks at We Think in Ink.  They can also provide your work in the finished format whether that’s folded, stapled or bound.

We Think in Ink is also committed to caring for the environment.  While it’s common to think of printers as killing trees for the paper they use, We Think in Ink has begun the process of replenishing Virginia’s forests.

Owner Chip Tompkins says, “Most printers recycle their waste, but we wanted to replant the trees that come down to make the paper we use.”

Putting that concept into practice Tompkins has purchased 20,000 trees from the Virginia Department of Forestry.  These he has donated to 4-H clubs around the Commonwealth to help restore the forests and Virginia’s watersheds.  He also delivered saplings to some of his major clients so that they can share in the efforts.

Tompkins has a goal of making his business carbon neutral; he says “We want to promote environmental and corporate responsibility.”  He was actually inspired to think about recycling when he was Chairman of the Retail Merchants Association Retailers for Life program.   This program educates the public regarding the importance of organ donation.   Tompkins said that working with that program made him stop and think about how he could incorporate that concept into his own life and business.

He seems to have done that.  Right in the Center of the Universe for all to see.

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