When You Need Tree Removal, Check with the Beavers

The damage and inconvenience caused by Richmond’s brush with Hurricane Irene may have you in immediate need of tree service. At the very least, you may be thinking that you have trees that need to be dealt with before the next wind blows through.

While in the aftermath of a destructive storm you might have to rely on who is available as opposed to who is the best, if you’ve got time before having that tree or yard work done, you need to check out Beaver Tree and Lawn Service.

Beaver Tree and Lawn Services has been in business for over thirty years providing Richmond area homeowners and business with quality tree and lawn services. They’ll help your yard look its very best by caring for your lawn, trees, shrubs and the over all landscape.

Beaver Tree and Lawn Service understand the care and pride you take in your own lawn. Because of that, they offer a complete Richmond lawn care program that will help your lawn be the envy of the neighborhood throughout the entire spring, summer and fall.

To keep your lawn green and healthy you need fertilization and weed control. But you also need to guard against disease and insects. If your yard just needs a boost to look its best, Beaver Tree and Lawn Service can provide aeration and over seeding. And they won’t overlook the grubs that can cause permanent damage.

Trees and ornamental shrubs can add beauty and value to your landscape. But they can also be an expensive investment. Sure you can follow the instructions to dig and plant. But what happens when the leaves turn yellow or the plant won’t bloom. Beaver Tree and Lawn Service can be trusted to guard your investment and keep those plants thriving. Their experts are licensed and trained and they can address all the needs you have with regard to fertilization, disease and pest control.

Sometimes the most frustrating thing to deal with are pests. And those pests aren’t always limited to attacking your plants and shrubs. With perimeter pest control Beaver Tree and Lawn Service can help you keep those pests from entering your home. And in this case, preventive maintenance to keep them out is much more economical than combating them when they’re already inside.

Beaver Tree and Lawn Service can take care of those large trees as well. They’re experts at tree removal and stump grinding. They’re there to help you with emergency storm damage as well as your everyday planting needs.

Want to show off that amazing landscape at night? Beaver Tree and Lawn Service can provide the underground cabling and lighting to help you do just that. And to keep that lawn green and healthy, they’ll also install your underground sprinkler systems.

Just like your home, your lawn is an investment. You want to trust that investment to the professionals. Contact Beaver Tree and Lawn Service at 804-403-3979 or by email at beavertreelawn@verizon.net.

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