Your Vehicle is Only as Safe as the Tires It Rides On

American car and truck manufacturers love to sing the praises of their latest vehicle designs, and indeed there are many from which to choose. But as impressive as these vehicles might be, their designs mean little if they do not have a good foundation of the tires where the rubber actually does meet the road.

That’s where a company like TireTeam comes in. At TireTeam you have Internet access to one of the five largest tire distributors in the United States. With more than forty years of experience TireTeam is well equipped to meet your vehicle needs. TireTeam combines both their warehousing and delivery logistics with exemplary customer service. Their goal is to bring you the best tire for your money, mile after mile.

At TireTeam you can shop a large selection of private and brand name tires to find the ones that are the best fit for your vehicle as well as your budget. And you’re able to do that from the comfort of your own home or office. You can take a look at the tire brands list and buy your tires online right away.

When you’ve made your order, TireTeam will ship your tires directly to your home or to your service installer. Warehouses are located in Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. In most cases, your order will leave the warehouse on the same day it was received. TireTeam will ship your tires via UPS on Monday through Friday. Orders that are received and verified by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time are shipped out that same day.

Through TireTeam you can save on thousands of name brand, inexpensive tires. These are the same tires that come from the factory-direct distributors. You have the convenience of shopping and comparing models and brands without the pressure of a salesman looking for his next commission.
TireTeam also wants to make sure that you are well informed about the tires you purchase and about their proper care. TireTeam provides a complete rundown of what the numbers and code on the side of your tires represent on their Tire Sidewall Information page.

From their website, you can learn the following: Federal law requires tire manufacturers to place standardized information on the sidewall of all passenger and light truck tires. This information identifies and describes the fundamental characteristics of the tire and also provides a tire identification number for safety standard certification and potential recalls.

Of course, once you have purchased your tires, proper maintenance of you tires is important. You get the longest tread wear, the best handling of your vehicle and the best gas mileage when your tires are properly inflated. It is important to get the correct pressure for your tires from the vehicle placard located in the driver side door. offers you quality service and quality tires at a price you can afford. Looking for more Car related information checkout

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